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DOPL: Benefits to hiring a licensed contractor

  • A contractor must hold and maintain liability coverage.
  • Licensure demonstrates a commitment to adhere to the standards set by the Construction Services Commission.
  • Licensure shows dedication to the trade and a motivation to provide good customer service and produce quality work.
  • Hiring a licensed contractor gives you tools to use if the contractor doesn’t live up to their end of the bargain. You can report the contractor to DOPL, go after their bond, or insurance, and if wrongdoing is substantiated, the contractor could lose their license. 
  • A licensed contractor has the ability to acquire necessary permits where an unlicensed contractor can not.
  • Using a licensed contractor ensures you are able to utilize the legal system to resolve issues. 
  • An unlicensed contractor working on your property could make you liable if any of their employees or subcontractors are injured.