Drywall Services

Patches, repairs and installation in Ogden and the surrounding communities.

From finishing drywall to ceiling repairs, every job is a little bit different and may require different drywall or finishing than listed below. Bathrooms for example, should be drywalled with moisture resistant products to keep mold from growing. Whereas a garage does not need a level 5 finish in order to keep automotive vapors from entering the house.

Drywall installation


New construction, basement finishing and other rooms that are already framed in and are ready for drywall to be hung.


We remove and replace damage, patch holes, fix walls and ceilings including texture.


If you already installed your walls we can tape and finish before painting. Including mudding several layers, sanding and finishing up to level V finish or desired texture.

Additional drywall services

These types of jobs generally require a house visit so we can determine the amount of work involved.

Water damage

When removing and replacing drywall from leaks, storm damage and other sources of water the area needs to be completely dry first. We also provide o2 treatment with forced air after removal.

Skim coat

Resurfacing drywall can be a cheaper alternative to replacing it when there are multiple small holes and general wear. We can skim coat walls all the way up to a level 5 finish. This can also be done with quick setting “hot mud” so your walls can be finished faster than using standard premixed joint compound.


We can add ceiling or wall texture and generally include blending it texture in with the original surroundings during drywall repair work. We do not remove asbestos (sparkle ceilings) however, we can get you in touch with an environmental specialist wo does.