why hire us

Why hire us?

Responsive service

When you hire us to do work on your home feel free to ask questions or request daily updates. As experienced contractors we’ve learned that the best way to help our customers get the most value out of their project is by listening, providing straightforward estimates and by maintaining open communication that is honest and accessible from start to finish.


Our work often begins by providing a detailed estimate with itemized costs and completion timelines for you to review and make changes as needed. We use current material costs and balance our numbers with spending comparisons and industry averages in order to deliver our most competitive prices. Let us know if your looking for new ideas or working on a minimal budget and we will put together an estimate with multiple spending options and/or design alternatives. We believe that you deserve more than a single option or an arbitrary number- You deserve the right work at the right price.

Straightforward billing.

At Upkeep Utah, there are no hidden fees or surprise invoices. Whether to purchase materials or to “solidify” a contract, we will never ask for a large deposit upfront before work begins. Payments are accepted as work is completed and we never ask for cash. 

Code compliance.

All our work is done to the standards created by the Construction Specifications Institute and material suppliers guidelines to produce lasting professional work that adheres to State laws and complies with local building codes.

contractor hire


Despite popular belief, when you hire a licensed contractor it does not necessarily mean that your job will cost more money. We compete with, and often outbid, unlicensed contractors fairly often. The benefit with us and other licensed tradesmen is that you and your property are protected from faulty work, theft of deposits and know who is coming into your home. Utah legislators and the Utah Department of Professional Licensing (DOPL) are well aware of the problems that arise with unlicensed contractors and provide recourse options for homeowners if something ever goes wrong with a legitimate company. More information and contractor license verification is available online at dopl.utah.gov or click the link below.

Quality guaranteed.

We understand that the product of our work and the customer service we provide is the foundation of our reputation. It is the result of years of experience working on homes, around families, providing everyday maintenance and working through late night emergencies when customers need us most. For us, guaranteed service is more than a promise- it’s doing what it takes to get the job done right.